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Luxembourg film “Mobile home” on screen in the framework of the Days of European Film

Publié le mercredi 26 mars 2014

Mobile Home
Luxembourg, Belgium, France
Director: François Pirot
2012 / 95 min. / French version with Czech and English subtitles
Cast: Arthur Dupont, Guillaume Gouix, Jackie Berroyer, Catherine Salée

Sometimes you need to travel around the world to find that what you are looking for is right next door. Simon and Julien have been friends since childhood. Simon is an incorrigible dreamer with nothing to show for it. Julien is the opposite, standing firmly on the ground with his life mapped out clearly in front of him. When Simon's fiancée breaks up with him, the two men set out on a trip around the world in an old caravan in an effort to turn back the clock, getting only as far as the edge of the village where they were born. This film about two men in their thirties whose lives are passing them by is a funny road movie / "buddy" film. The film got the 2nd Junior Jury Award at the IFF Locarno 2012.


13.4.2014          17:00     Cinema Lucerna, Praha 1

19.4.2014          20:30     Cinema Scala, Brno