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Ukaž se / Be visible

Published Wednesday December 18 2013

Every year as the days get shorter, traffic accidents rise. Often there is a simple explanation: due to darkness, drivers’ vision is impaired, they do not see pedestrians who are not visible. In Estonia, where the Ambassador of Luxembourg in Prague is also accredited, it is compulsory for pedestrians to wear a reflector during the winter months.

Thinking European, as Luxembourgers are used to do, we have sought to adapt this Estonian habit in a Czech context and, with the help of experts, we created a reflector modelled on the inspiring designs of Prague’s traffic signs ( ).

To be visible is protection and also a way to ensure greater respect for your rights.

The Embassy of Luxembourg in Prague thanks all those who have participated in this project and you for wearing this reflector.

Art consultant : Matthieu Manche

Graphic concept: Camille Pranchère

Prints: Luděk Musil

Strings from recycled material: Segrasegra