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Art/Human Rights concept presented during the Luxembourg National Day 2013

Published Sunday June 30 2013

The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals (November 8, 1968) standardises traffic signs. However, there are minor differences in design from country to country. Traffic signs speak a language of their own; they give instant information, basically asking for respect. Prague traffic signs are particularly beautiful, be it due to the quality of the design or to the underlying complex urban morphology.

2013 is the European Year of Citizens and on June 20th the UN celebrates the World Refugee Day.  Embassies are involved, foremost through their consular sections, in ensuring free movement of people. They see the bright P2P side and sometimes the dark one too, when traffic turns into trafficking.

At the premisies of the Luxembourg residence, Matthieu Manche, a contemporary artist living and working in Brussels and Tokyo, created the artwork celebrating Prague traffic signs, their message and their beauty. 

The concept was executed by Michal Ortcykr. Luděk Musil produced the panels.