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Historial Links between Luxembourg and Czech Republic Lead to Signing of University Agreement

Zveřejněno 18. říjen 2013

On 12 October, prior to the University of Luxembourg's official 10th anniversary event at the Cercle Cité on Place d'Armes, the University of Luxembourg signed an agreement with Charles University of Prague.

Charles University was founded in 1348 by Charles IV, son of John the Blind from the House of Luxembourg.

Before the official signing, Luxembourg University's Rector, Rolf Tarrach, stated that he was deligthed the two universities could look to future cooperations based on historical ties. Prof Vaclav Hampl of Prague explained that his university is 667 years old and has 50,000 students in various fields, with a strong department of economy. He added that this link with Luxembourg will be one of the first steps to a long collaboration.

The agreement will support student exchange (e.g. via the Erasmus programme), as well as of academics and researchers, and will exploit existing ties between researchers at both universities. Specific annexes to the convention address research activities in technology, education, history, German studies, pyschology, European studies and law.

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